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Our story


Urban Reach is a family run convention that began in Burlington, Vermont, seven years ago. Director Sarah Cover had just returned from a summer of taking classes in LA and wanted to offer that experience to her hometown studio.


In the past, the only way for her students to take classes with the top choreographers was to travel to major cities and have their families incur a considerable expense only to find themselves in packed classes, where it was difficult to see and even more difficult to be seen, a priceless commodity for a potential working dancer.


That's when Sarah took the chance and put together a small convention with the same instructors that teach for all the largest convention circuits. The outcome was very exciting, over 100 dancers showed up from throughout Vermont! Urban Reach Productions has been offering Urban Reach hip hop dance conventions ever since.


Now, after numerous inquires, we have decided to offer the same experience to other towns, where larger conventions simply won't go.


We guarantee that our class levels will stay within a manageable size. Our hope is that your dancer will return to their studio both inspired and excited to keep training.


In every city we will award a scholarship to either Broadway Dance Center in NYC or Millenium Dance Complex in LA.

We hope to see you when we come to your city!


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What we do


  • Urban Reach Productions brings today's hottest hip hop choreographers and teachers to cities nationwide to teach, inspire and challenge dancers to perform their best.

  • We offer manageable class sizes to provide your dancers with exposure to the top teachers and choreographers in the world.

  • Class sizes are limited to 130 max in each ballroom, 60-80 max in studio spaces. If we exceed these numbers we will come back in the SAME calander year to meet the need. 

  • Our smaller class sizes creates more opportunity to be seen by the very people that are hiring and working in the industry today. Less people translates to an overall better experience, more potential for individual attention and greater growth as a dancer and performer.


  • Every dancer in attendance has the chance to be selected for our annual show "Reach NYC!" as well as, to be awarded a scholarship to Millenium Dance Complex or Broadway Dance Center.


  • We are dedicated to touring cities that have not been saturated by larger conventions, and where we believe incredible talent awaits.


Core tenets


  • Talent is not geographically dependent.
  • Opportunities should be available regionally.
  • How you treat others make a difference.
  • Hard work deserves to be rewarded with exciting challenges.
  • Small class sizes enable faculty to see and connect with each student.


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Meet the Director

Sarah Cover

Sarah Cover

Director Sarah Cover is a native Vermonter, who began dancing at age 4 starting with ballet and contemporary jazz. She first found hip hop as a young teen when her parents moved her to Northern California. She began teaching at the age of 15 and has taught in California, New York, and throughout the state of Vermont. As a professional dancer and choreographer, she has worked in Japan, California, New York, and Vermont with artists DMX, Swizz Beats, Memphis Bleak, and members of the WuTang Clan. After moving back to Vermont and teaching in 2001 Sarah took a sabbatical for the summer of ’05 to return to L.A. and work with the top hip hop choreographers in the country. Once she had returned that fall she exploded on the Vermont scene producing the sold out show “Blessed: The Life Of A Hip Hop Dancer,” “Urban Runaway” fashion show, and “Urban Reach Convention” an annual hip hop dance convention that’s faculty continues to be some of the hottest hip hop dancers and choreographers on the Earth! Sarah returns annually to Los Angeles to continue her education in the ever changing hip hop dance scene, returning every fall with a new show, and every winter working with Urban Reach in creating a level of hip hop dancers in Vermont, to rival any Urban Dance facility.

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