"Urban Reach is a relaxed convention environment in which dancers have been able to showcase their improvement to teachers in an intimate setting, making the teacher student relationship effective." ~ Lindsay Richardson, Urban Reach Faculty & Alumni




"We arrived at the studio the firMphotost day and my son got to meet all of the other dancers, within minutes the bonding began, they were all so nice and everyone had a mutual respect for each others time and talent. Everyone was there to work hard!
Throughout the 2 days of practice the group grew together as a team. The routine came together quickly and everyone seemed very focused. LaJon was the man in charge and you could immediately see the respect that his dancers had for him. I have watched Lajon teach before and he has that ability that all great leaders have. He can take a group of dancers and inspire them to greatness. He can push them to physical exhaustion  yet keep them so mentally focused they don’t even realize it.  On the night of the Tech rehearsal the two teams which formed “Reach” met for the first time, In a combined mass huddle LaJon and Sarah introduced and united the two teams as one.


The show was so touching and the IDENTITY theme seem to fit these dancers perfectly. It has been a long time that a hip hop show has delivered such a positive, motivating message to the dancers and to the audience! I am so proud my son could be a part of such an amazing show!" ~ Vanessa Miceli, parent of 2012 Reach NYC crew member Thomas "TMoney" Micelli




"Identity (the Urban Reach show) provided an amazing place for talented and hard working dancers to come together and perform on stage as a loving community. I will never forget this oppertunity and the feeling of dancing with my fellow Misfitz!" ~ Macey Miller, 2012 Urban Reach NYC Crew






"Being apart of the the first Urban Reach cast was one of the most amazing experiences in my dance career. Rehearsals were tough and we all had to fight through, but in the end it was all very worth it and I am now a much stronger dancer thanks to this opportunity! I'm proud to say that I'm a Misfit and I REACH!" ~ Alyssa Cintron, 2012 Urban Reach NYC Crew


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